Living the dream on a Nordhavn 40

X-Mas at Sucia Islands
X-Mas at Sucia Islands

San Juan Islands and Orcas!

With a short window of a few weeks to explore the San Juan Islands before we must leave Washington State, we decided to head down from...

Happiness is an Ice Cream in the Park

Or the simple joys of life. Di and I were walking Princess in the Park opposite our marina in Blaine, savoring our delicious locally made...

This is not a drill

This is not a test. We've arrived back on the boat just over a week ago and have been organizing things ever since, as well as getting...

The Last Days in Houston

The pile of stuff. If there is a constant in this project it is the amount of stuff we had to move, pack, give away and more. This is the...

How to keep a Husky cool in Houston

Princess enjoying a bed of ice. She stayed there a good five minutes before I decided to pry her off and finish our walk. She is so well...

Hello World

We're nearing the end of the planning part of the project and getting closer to the day we will sail as a family, exploring our blue planet.

Mapping the Dream

"So, how do we make this happen?" we both wondered. "We sell everything, buy a boat and live within our means" I said. "Show me..." Di...


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