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Princess the Sled Dog

Di and I dream of one day seeing Princess in her element pulling a sled in deep snow.

Our dream for Princess

Reality is rather different in the Portland summer, but that doesn't mean we won't have fun together.

We needed to go shopping for a large bag of dog food, so we put Princess in her harness and hooked her up to our shopping cart.

The reality

Princess training to pull our shopping cart. Note the curly tail of a dog enjoying her job. Squint your eyes just a bit, and you'll see the deep snow and the sled.

On the way back, getting a little help with the heavy cart.

Di on cart duty to relieve Princess.

The local area is very pleasant with a lot of shade under beautiful trees, and cool air blowing from the river. There are few cars, and they seem to pay attention to pedestrians, so overall it's a nice and convenient walk to the shops.

The result: A tired husky is a good husky

We made shopping a great fun little adventure, fighting the blizzard and the snow drifts. Princess got a huge bag of salmon dog food, plenty of treats and is now resting for our next adventure: Hunting big bears in the deep forest. Or is it chasing rabbits and squirrels in the neighborhood?


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