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MY Enfin is a Nordhavn 40, built in 2001. 

She is a "Mark I", built in the USA by PAE (Pacific Asian Enterprise). 

Nordhavn is a renown builder of quality ocean going yachts, with many being used by full time live aboards to travel the world extensively.

A Nordhavn 40 similar to ours has gone around the world, and we are confident the boat can take us anywhere in comfort and safety.

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Enfin is a stout, strongly built displacement trawler. 

A deep cockpit and Portuguese bridge protect her crew from the elements, whilst large scuppers stand ready to shed blue water fast.

Reversed raked windows with solid thick Diamond-Glaze glass help reduce glare in the pilothouse and give great vision when on watch.

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Living on Enfin is not camping!
She has a wide salon, well equipped and practical galley (a sailor's kitchen), a superb master cabin, and a cozy guest cabin.
The head (what sailors call a bathroom) is bright and airy with a walk in shower and plenty of hot water.
The pilothouse allows for comfortable watches at sea, with a solid array of navigation instruments on a console facing a comfortable settee.
Throughout the boat there are many cabinets and plenty of storage options, more than enough for a couple.

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Enfin's Engine Room


Enfin's beating heart

Enfin's Engine Room is centered around an inline 6 cylinder Lugger engine producing 105 HP. This engine is known for incredible reliability: It is a marinized tractor engine (John Deere). Further, Nordhavn installs it like on a commercial ship, with a dry exhaust (a funnel on a ship) and cooling it via a keel cooler.

This eliminates the risks associated with using sea water as a coolant in the engine or the exhaust.

The Engine Room is large enough to allow all round access to the main engine, as well as the 6KW generator and wing engine.

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Below are the generator in its enclosure and the wing engine.
The wing engine is a backup propulsion engine, giving ultimate redundancy in the unlikely event of a main engine failure.
The wing engine is totally separate from the main engine in all systems: It has a separate fuel and electrical systems. as well as a separate propeller shaft and propeller that unfolds when used.
As a matter of good procedure and routine, we always have the wing engine running when navigating in tight passages like ports and harbors. This allows us to immediately regain control should the main engine decide to fail at the worst time.
Enfin was upgraded with an articulated rudder, often found on commercial ships like tugs, to add extra maneuverability.

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Enfin's Brain

Enfin's pilothouse reminds me of those of the large ships I sailed on during my professional years. It is well designed with ample console space to lay out a bevy of modern electronic aids to navigation such as radar and chart plotter, GPS receivers, autopilot, radios and more.

There is a bench and table for the watch keeper.

A pilot berth allows the off watch crew to remain close at hand if needed, a very useful option when navigating in more difficult passages.

The solid watertight doors to the deck and Portuguese bridge are "Dutch style", i.e. upper and lower half can be opened independently for extra safety.

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Displacement trawler

Enfin has a displacement hull. 

That means that her hull will not go fast like that of a ski boat, but behaves more like that of an old sailboat or trawler, with great efficiency and safety.

It's a design choice we're happy to make, in essence exchanging speed for safety.

Combined with substantial ballast (weight), the hull shape gives Enfin excellent stability, steady tracking and kindly movements at sea. Enfin weighs in close to 25MT, so is a substantial boat, moving and behaving much more like a ship or large yacht than her size would indicate.

Further, the long keel protects the main propeller, shielding it better from impacts with floating or half sunken objects.

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