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8 legs, 3 blue eyes, 2 big noses

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Di-Enid (often shortened to "Di", pronounced "Dee") was born and grew up in Puerto Rico. Despite living on a tropical island with magnificent beaches, she wasn't a water baby, and only came to the water during and after college.

She has since become a very proficient swimmer, and would swim a mile a day with Eric when they lived in Panama City, FL.

Di now loves the water, enjoyed our waterfront houses and boats tremendously and has had an integral part in defining and refining our dream retirement.

Di is studying for her "6 pac" USCG license, to make sure she gains the basics of boat and navigation knowledge.

Di is fluent in 3 languages, Spanish, English and French. She also speaks Portuguese and Italian. 

Eric was born and grew up in the South of France, spending a lot of time in and around the water. Growing up on various family boats, Eric had his own boat at a very young age, and won his first sailing race at age 8. Bitten by the sailing bug, Eric raced and crewed some of the most successful local boats at a semi-professional level, winning many races in the process. 

Eric then became a professional Captain and Chief-Engineer, both "Class 1" licenses - the highest level- and sailing on various types of ships

Moving ashore, Eric participated in many ship accident investigations and became an executive in the maritime industry, with a special interest and focus on marine safety.

Eric is fluent in French and English, and can be a danger to himself in Spanish and German.

Eric and Di-Enid met in France in 1989, and got married in the USA in 1991. 

They are both 29 years old -Eric trending on 12.5 years old- and intend on staying that age for a long time.

They have lived in Washington D.C., London, Paris, Marseille, Panama City and Houston.

Princess is a Siberian Husky (mix?) who fell in our family just before Christmas 2016. As Eric would walk our neighborhood to stay healthy, he'd often find Princess tied to a tree and badly tangled. Soon, with Di talking to her owner, Eric started walking Princess 2 hours every day, and unsurprisingly, Eric and Di adopted her within a few weeks.

As an ultra high energy dog, days are often centered around Princess' needs to walk, run and spend that energy.  It is a very pleasant way to exercise 3 to 4 hours a day.

Princess is fluent in husky talk, though she is reserved and generally well behaved and polite, so will sit and stare when she needs something.

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