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As soon as we arrived I jumped in the engine room to reverse my departure checklist and reopen valves and thru hulls, re-energize electric circuits, and basically open the boat.

Princess surveying her domain

I fully expected things would go wrong, and it'd take me a whole day at least to re-open the boat. I was done in 30 minutes with everything coming back online nicely! I didn't even have to reconnect the internet, as soon as I switched our whole boat WiFi antenna, it connected to the marina, the main router came up and the repeaters did their thing.

Similarly the diesel heater (yes it was that cold!) came online on its own, when the thermostats deemed it necessary.

I hadn't planned on starting the engines any time soon, but considering how fast I'd started things up I decided I might as well give it a go. After aligning the fuel valves and taking the dry stack protection off, I turned the main engine's key. Without any hesitation the engine started just like if I had done that yesterday, then settled at idle with its familiar hum. No nasty smoke, no vibrations, no leaks, no soot. Nothing abnormal. Just a happy little engine. In gear forward, then astern, all normal. Needless to say I had a huge grin on my face hearing Enfin alive again.

Next to come online was the generator, with the same results: Started on first press of the button, and after running for a few minutes the generator took the whole boat's electrical load with no problem.

Last was the wing engine. A small gear oil leak had me adjust the oil level, but apart from that the engine started on first solicitation too and the gearbox shifted normally.

That's in large part due to Nordhavn's excellent built quality, as well as Sean's great job at keeping an eye on our boat. The boat stayed dry during the winter (no leaks) and Sean installed our dehumidifier as well. We also had the boat washed regularly, various equipment started and ran, so Enfin received her fair share of care and love.

We were back home in no time, so the next thing to do was to get back in our groove and our habits.

Princess was first, finding all the spots on the boat she likes.

Surveying her domain from the bow. Lounging on the salon settee, curling on my berth or squeezing next to the windlass.

We soon followed suit with Di and I hugging each other on the settee and enjoying being back home.

Everything is back to normal!

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