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It's the little things

Boat owners often joke that "The List", the to do list is never done and is always expanding. Cross one item, and another 2 get added.

On Enfin the list is a Planning Maintenance Software (PMS) that I've tailored to the boat and systems. The PMS covers all the big and important items, but there's also an informal list of the "little things" that do not warrant prompt action or the same degree of importance. Yet, they also must be done.

Enfin's main engine all caught up on maintenance.

One of the items on the "little things" was to renew all screws holding the various instrument panels in the pilothouse. It'd been bugging me for a while: Over the years the screws had started stripping their holes, and the small plastic covers hiding them in place had been damaged from regular use. Purely cosmetic of course, but when you're on watch in the pilothouse, it's staring you in the face!

Not acceptable on Enfin!

So, recently I got a small wooden dowel, wood glue and a bag of black plastic screw covers. Then I unscrewed each and every screw in the pilothouse navigation panel, glued a cut to size dowel in, and re-assembled with a nice new cover.

While I was at it, I redid all screws holding the liner in the head as well. "While I'm there, might as well..." is a common phrase for boat owners too!

So now all is well in the pilothouse but "The List" isn't any smaller than this morning!

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