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Old Friends, New Friends

One of the best thing about traveling is meeting people and making new friends. Whilst our travels might be on pause at the moment, friendships remain strong, and even better, we're still meeting people and making new friends.

A special and rare treat: Pizza with new friends. Christelle, Sebastien and Bryan

A huge thank you to all around the world who have reached out to help, offer their support or send messages of love and friendship. Thank you for a home and love, for keeping an eye on Enfin, for helping with Princess during chemo days, for caring to reach out to us.

Di-Enid has kindly taken on the role of liaison with all, so that I can continue to concentrate on my health and getting back in shape as fast and as well as possible. Please know we read each message with great pleasure and I am genuinely touched by the outpouring of kindness coming from every corner of the world, and all parts of our lives.

From old childhood friends, to work colleagues and friends in London, Houston, Panama City and further. From family in Puerto Rico, France and the US to boaters and dreamers across all continents we've received so many heartfelt messages that it warms our hearts and boosts our already strong mental attitudes. We now have extra reasons to get back to the dream so we can get to see and visit with as many as possible. And of course, welcome them on the boat as we resume our travels.

As with everywhere we go, Princess is our Ambassador! (Di, Christelle, Princess and Oky)

See you back on the water!

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