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Thomas Bay

Thomas bay is about mid distance between Petersburg and the glaciers at Endicott and Tracy Arm. It is both stop in a magnificent scenery, a large bay with limited anchorage tucked behind an island on the South side.

Wilderness and amazing colors

We spent the day exploring the bay, its steep sides and deep canyons. At the end of the bay is a small deep Scenery Cove, which as the name indicates needs to be seen.

The entrance is guarded by rocks and must be navigated carefully. We decided it was time for Di to give it a go and see how accurately she could navigate the boat in tight passages. To help her this first time, there was no wind or current.

She took the boat in manual steering, slowed down and followed our chart very carefully.

Di navigating in close passage

I kept a good eye on things, but Di had no problem following the chart and finding a safe route in. Many people get confused by North up charts, but Di had no problem and could visualize the chart and her course easily.

The result: She piloted a course in the deeper middle and away from the rocks, did a nice 180 turn at the end and retraced her route. Well done!

The anchorage had magnificent views on one side, with the mountains in the distance, and not as nice views on the other side. Yet it came with a special treat for Princess: A dock for easy shore access and a gravel road to explore the area in safety.

Mountains in the distance

Great views

Even better there was a gravel pit next to the dock and Princess just enjoyed running up and down, digging and getting dirty. We let her, since she doesn't have many occasions on this trip to run and have fun.

After running up and down the gravel pile, she dug it to create her own little throne

We got her to swim a bit to wash herself, but she still came back to the boat all dirty. Dirty and tired: A good husky.

In the morning we made our way out of the bay, aided by strong currents in the pass. There a pod of orcas seemed to be fishing, and ignored us as they went by.

Princess watched the spectacle, not knowing what to make of these strange, large and noisy creatures. Or maybe she could smell the salmon they caught and wished she could get her share?

A great way to start the day. Tonight we'll be in Endicott and tomorrow we should see the best glaciers in this part of Alaska. There is some excitement on board.

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