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Playa la Bonanza

A little corner of paradise.

Di and Princess cooling off in front of Enfin.

We left Ensenada de los Muertos early, before the daily breeze had time to come up. Soon Algonquin, a friendly N43 we'd met with a few times since arriving in Mexico left the bay behind us too and started catching us up.

Seizing the occasion, we agreed to do an at sea photo shoot. It's a rare occasion to have photos of our boats cruising, so it's a real treat to finally have some.

Nordhavn 43 Algonquin
Enfin looking good!

The rest of the passage was easy, and we arrived at Playa la Bonanza in the middle of the afternoon. Algonquin chose the South end, while Enfin chose the North end, close to a rocky cape that I hoped would protect us in the upcoming Northerly winds. We'd be more exposed for the first night, but in a prime spot later on.

We set out to explore the beach, to Princess' delight, and after a short kayak ride landed on a magnificent beach, almost 2 miles long. Beautiful almost white sand, shallow emerald waters, and a reef on the rocky outcrop: What else could we want?

Princess on her long leash.

Morning and afternoon walks, swims, a little snorkeling, watching the beautiful sunsets. Generator time, water making time. There is something routine and relaxing about good days at anchor.

They start with big laughs when Princess realizes we're up and starts gently but insistently rounding us up. She fully understands the kayak now, and eagerly awaits the opening of the cockpit door when I call her to join me on board. Di boards last and off we go.

A corner of paradise.

We then walk the beach, chatting away hand in hand, or silently enjoying each other's company and the beautiful scenery. We rarely fail to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be here, especially when looking back a few years to my convalescence bed in Lyon.

The good life.

Princess runs, sniffs for crabs, swims when she gets hot, and like us enjoys her best life.

This is exactly what I was hoping for when we started pointing Enfin's bow South.

Periscope up.
Happy duo.

We love this beach! We've been out for almost a month now, and while we still have a fair amount of provisions, a stop in La Paz would be nice.

I'd been in touch with Marina La Paz for a while, and they had us on a waiting list for a short stay. I kept things very open and flexible: Any stay between 2 to 7 nights would work, starting whenever they had room.

Amazingly, the marina came back to us saying they had an opening for 7 nights: Would be be interested? Our immediate answer was a resounding yes of course. When would it start? Today they said!

Our last day here then, we'll leave for La Paz this afternoon with a reservation for 7 nights. Very lucky!

We'll have to come back though. We did "nothing" every day, but it feels like we're not done with this amazing spot yet. Weather allowing, I'm keeping our anchoring coordinates and will return when we can.

Incredible scenery.
Di and Princess in the shade.
Snorkeling off the stern.
Waiting for Di who'd gone snorkeling on the reef.

Room with a view.

Beautiful reef.

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