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We had planned on anchoring for the night in Deception Bay, just at the entrance of the Wrangell Narrows.

By precise timing and accurate tide calculations (more accurately by pure chance) we arrived at the entrance of the narrows just at the perfect time for easy transit. A larger faster powerboat that had overtook us only an hour earlier was there waiting for the tide to change, and started its passage just as we arrived. We wondered if our arrival accuracy impressed them, and laughed that we got so lucky.

So we skipped Deception Bay: We had a quick look at it and decided pushing to Petersburg would be much better.

The Wrangell Narrows are detailed in the local guides, but honestly after cruising the Columbia river up and down for months it was an easy transit for us, even when the visibility started dropping to less than half a mile. There are buoys and markers all the way up.

Petersburg harbor

We got a nice dock at Petersburg, right at the entrance of the harbor, with a beautiful view on the neighboring mountains.

Princess was happy to be able to stretch her legs for once since in bear country we limit her walks to the strict minimum: The shoreline and no more.

All the marine trades we may need

The small city has the perfect vibe for us: A few shops that cater to the fishing fleet, hardware and groceries. An outdoor restaurant for salmon and burgers completed this stay, allowing us to recharge our batteries, fill up on fresh provisions as well as water.

Outdoors restaurant where Princess was welcomed

Best of all Petersburg is a logical stop to start exploring the nearby glaciers: LeConte, Endicott Arm and Tracy Arm.

LeConte is the southernmost glacier in North America and we'll make it a day trip. Reports are that there is a lot of ice blocking the way, so we may not make it to the face of the glacier, but we're going to give it a go. It'll be our first time taking Enfin into ice.

The last buoy on the Wrangell Narrows. On to LeConte

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