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Great News. Party in Hevenor Inlet

We left Prince Rupert with great news: My blood screening results came back "perfect" according to my Doctor. We get another 3 months to go play and enjoy life before the question arises again and I must undergo another medical check, at the end of November.

Prince Rupert was a very successful stop for us, even if a little busy. We did all we wanted, from light provisions, to my medical check and getting some consumables for the boat.

Flower beds everywhere

One of the many murals

We enjoyed the city's numerous flower beds and Di probably took a picture of every single mural in view!

We're traveling back down via a more "outer" route than on the way up, so we get to see more of British Columbia, but I won't hesitate to head back in if weather conditions warrant. The outer routes seem to be a lot less popular, and there are very few indications in our guides abut ports or anchorages.

There seems to be an abundance of great anchorages though, and using the charts only, I decided we should try Hevenor Inlet.

Enfin off a small cove and creek in Hevenor Inlet

It turned out to be a magnificent and well protected deep inlet. At about 5 miles long it takes a while for a boat like "Enfin" to make it to the end, so instead we anchored a little past the midway point, near what looked to be a small beach with a creek flowing in.

These are the kind of places where we can easily beach the tender and take Princess for her walks.

Large sandy beach for Princess

In the evening, Di opened all the various treats we store on the boat for good news, including some nice bubbly and we drank to 3 more months of freedom.

I'm not out of the woods yet, but every medical check brings me closer to the ultimate goal of one day being declared cured. Fingers firmly crossed.

The next day was just glorious, with bright sunshine and crisp blue skies. The water was like glass, reflecting the immensity of it all. Not a boat in sight, not a trace of human presence anywhere around.

All alone

Low tide uncovered a huge sandy beach for Princess to run on, sniff all the wild life around, and hunt the salmons at the head of a beautiful fresh water creek.

Princess is focused on a salmon

This is the kind of spots and distant anchorages that Enfin is made for. We could stay here as long as we want, or until food runs out -whichever comes first!- with Enfin providing shelter, heat, water and more.

We decided "as long as we want" would be a couple of nights, since we're fairly certain there will be more beautiful anchorages to explore on our continued way South.

Di getting ready to cross a beautiful creek

Ideal conditions as we made our way to our next anchorage

We left with the fog being burned away by a warm sun.

I'm sure we will remember our stay in Hevenor for a long time. It was the perfect place to rest after the hustle and bustle of being in a marina for a few nights, enjoy our new lease of life and mark the happy occasion.

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Cara Carter
Cara Carter

Excellent news Eric, long may the perfect blood results continue. Cx

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