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Dundas Island.

Day by day we saw our latitude climb North by a few minutes, adding up to degrees.

Today, after a quick overnight stop at Bloxam passage we arrived at Dundas Island, the northernmost island in this part of British Columbia and only a couple of miles away from the Canada / USA border.

Accurate piloting is needed

I decided to anchor in a tight little cove in Brundige Inlet, guarded by rocks making the entrance S shaped.

You need to maneuver accurately to stay away from the rocks, but you are rewarded by a beautiful and ultra safe little cove protected from all seas and all winds.

Enfin nestled in a safe cove

There is something nice about reaching the "end" of this part of Canada. We can reach Ketchikan in less than a day's navigation, so we'll make it as soon as we see good weather for the Dixon Entrance passage.

So far the weather is forecast to stay excellent tomorrow and the day after, so we may just jump on it and find ourselves in Alaska soon.

The cove has easy and safe shore access, though again we do not venture far from the dinghy and make plenty of noise.

But the mosquitoes are fierce. We pulled out our mosquito net hats, but too late and have been bit what feels like hundreds of times already.

Di modelling her mosquito net hat

At night we were surprised by the arrival of a nice sailboat... only to find out it belonged to our old friends and neighbors from Salpare marina in Portland! Small world.

Both boats may end up cruising to Ketchikan tomorrow.

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2 commentaires

Capt. Eric
24 sept. 2022

Hi Kirk, hi Autumn, It was great to see you there and a few other places... maybe see you in the San Juans later this year? We're slowly making our way South still.


24 sept. 2022

We had welts for weeks from the bug bites but it was worth it seeing Enfin and crew! Such a happy coincidence running into you both (and pup). Much love,

Kirk and Autumn aboard Cascadia

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