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Guest dock is with the commercial guys

We arrived Comox marina after hours and snuck into a space on their guest dock as we'd been told to.

We found a real nice and pleasant little town, with everything we needed nearby.

This time, rather than going for large provisions in one go, Di decided to go multiple times for smaller provisions. First the dry food, then the frozen food, and so on.

It gave us a pleasant excuse to go and walk around. We all enjoyed the nearby park, with Princess running around in serious zoomies.

Beautiful park to walk and zoom around

A couple of food trucks provided an easy dinner the first night, and a local ship-chandler allowed me to get parts I needed. It's good to stop in a place with everything we need.

Enfin at Comox guest dock

Being on a commercial fisherman's wharf, our neighbors were selling freshly caught salmon and more.

It doesn't get much fresher

Overall we Comox was a great stop, made nicer by the incredibly nice weather we've been having lately.

Even the seals are enjoying the late warm weather

We've got time to get to Anacortes for the 19th October, and we'll take the slow route down to enjoy a few more anchorages in Canada before getting back in the US.

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