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Waterfalls Everywhere. Lowe Inlet Marine Park.

We left Kutzhe with a thin layer of fog on the bay. The layer was thin enough that our pilothouse was above it, making for a spectacular sight, if a little eery.

Arriving in the main channel we quickly made our way to Butedale, and from there started seeing waterfall after waterfall, on each side of the narrow straight and cliffs.

It was fun to maneuver Enfin close to the falls. Both the charts and the sounder confirmed it was safe to approach, with hundreds of feet of water under the keel even when close to the shore.

A close pass with Enfin

Each new fall, I'd run Enfin towards that side of the narrows, so we'd get a better view.

Eventually our waterfall sightseeing was interrupted by a pod of orcas heading our way.

I stopped the boat, engine in neutral, and switched the sounder off. The main pod swam by us without paying us any attention, but the last 2 came straight towards us, with one in particular coming to dive under Enfin and turning sideways to check us out.

The entrance to Lowe Inlet Marine Park

We arrived at Lowe Inlet Marine Park fairly late, and found only 5 other boats in the large bay.

Like many other bays, there is only a small shelve to anchor on between the deep canyon and the flat low lands that dry out at low tide. We had plenty of space, but had to anchor in about 100 feet of water. Enfin has a good anchor and 400 feet of chain, so we can anchor in deep anchorages.

The summer crowd in the background. Di in bear guard mode

Enfin all alone again

Just like the day before, we woke up to an empty bay, making the exploration even more fun.

Verney falls at the head of the bay

Both Di and I imagined David Attenborough narrating bears feeding on salmon at Verbey Falls. The guides say bears frequent the fall often, but no one seemed to have told them as there weren't any today.

Di said that today was the best day of our trip so far. I wholeheartedly agree, with a small proviso that this is not a "trip" in the common sense of the word, but our chosen life. We live on Enfin, and take it wherever our whims, health and general life allow us to.

What a good life it is!

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