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The oft announced bad weather finally did show up on Thursday, with winds blowing at 35 knots+ in the Juan de Fuca straight.

So, I asked the marina for an extra night stay and they kindly reshuffled their arrivals and bookings to make it happen. We had to move one dock over, then made the best of a whole extra day in Victoria to explore the city.

We were at Wharf Street Marina, a stone's throw away from Parliament and Government Street so we could walk a few hours, get some rest back at the boat and start all over again.

We walked all over the center of town, and discovered a very pleasant city with many parks, plenty of pubs and unique shops.

Di enjoyed Fisherman' Wharf and its floating houses and we stopped there for dinner.

Princess enjoyed Beacon Hill Park. Deers! I spoiled her enjoyment by not letting her run after them, and there was some typical husky talk back about that.

I wanted to try a Beaver's Tail since I had heard about them, but somehow never found an occasion to try one. Flat beignet with Nutella and bananas in this case. Good thing we walk all day long to shed the calories.

A great day that got all of us tired, and we all collapsed when getting back to Enfin to retire for the night.

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