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Today is My Favorite Day

Transom name had just been changed.

It's been 1 year since we bought Enfin, and what a year it has been.

A year of transitions, of forever moving stuff around. A year of boxes, in and out. Of trips back and forth. Of separation of course as well, with Di and I spending more time away from one another than we had since my sailing times. But overall a great year of the final phase of the dream, when everyday drew us closer to "D-Day" and made turning back almost impossible. It culminated with Di resigning her job, and driving one last time across the country to finally make Enfin her new and permanent home. 

Finding a marina and home for Enfin, learning her systems and slowly making her "ours" by tweaking some, changing others and upgrading more.

Now, writing this at anchor as I wait for Di to come back from a planned trip to see her family, I can see the progress made, but at the same time look ahead at so much more to do. Exciting times for sure. The most important thing so far is how content and happy we are with our crazy decision to go out and live our dream. I've heard the phrase "The best 2 days of owning a boat are the first and the last" many times, but have never related to it. Now, with our own N40 bearing our chosen name "Enfin", Di and I borrow a turn of phrase from "Winnie the Pooh":

-"What day is it?" asks Pooh -"It's today" answers Christopher Robin -"Oh good! Today is my favorite day!" 

Today is my favorite day indeed. Finally. Enfin.

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