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Thetis Island

After a long day from Montague to Wallace then to Thetis, we arrived too late for the marina. So, we anchored at the entrance of the cove with only a couple other anchored boats, close to a larger private mooring field.

Setting the tender ashore, we went for a very pleasant walk around. A short distance away from the marina is the ferry terminal, and right next to it is a beautiful resort in immaculate grounds, with a cafe, an ice cream stand and beautiful cottages strewn around a central English style manor.

The British heritage is evident

We had aimed for Thetis as the marina there advertised having propane and one of our 2 propane bottles had ran out. Since the first one had lasted almost a year, there was no urgency, but there is something comforting knowing that you have a full spare on board. At first we thought it'd be much easier to dock at the marina for that, but once we explored it by dinghy decided we would instead stay at anchorage.

The anchorage was well protected and held well, even when the winds picked up on the last night, peaking around 03:00 in the morning, raising a small chop that was just enough to rock the boat, which Di described in technical terms as "rolly rolly, pitchy pitchy". There wasn't much "rolly rolly", but there was a little "pitchy pitchy"!

At anchor, close to Thetis Island Marina. Before it got a little "pitchy pitchy"!

With our last produce run about 10 days away we were slowly running out of fresh tomatoes, strawberries, salads and more so we set out to find some on the island.

We found a neat little honor box shop with a few local produces. Great blueberries!

Neat little shop with fresh veggies

Needing more than what the small shop could offer we got just enough for a couple of days, planning to fill up in Nanaimo on our way up. A quick phone call to Nanaimo Port Authority informed us they were fully booked for a week. Our fault for not planning better, but I dislike "having" to be in a place at a certain date. We certainly like the saying "you can choose a place or a date, not both". It's the best way to stay free and not end up being tempted pushing things.

A few more phone calls and we found Ladysmith Marina could accommodate us for a couple of nights, and we knew they are walking distance to a good grocery shop. So, after Princess' morning walk, we stowed the tender back on the upper deck and set on our way to Ladysmith. Or so I thought....

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