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The Good Life

Slowly settling in to our new found life. In some ways it feels as if we'd left yesterday. In others it feels like it was an eternity ago.

Princess was very fast to get re-acquainted with the boat, the marina, our neighbors and neighborhood. On arrival she guided us to the boat, clearly she knew where she was. Soon, she was checking her old hunting places for rabbits, remembering her old home.

For us it's good to get back into a vacation rhythm, even if we're not yet done opening the boat after our return. We do our multiple daily walks with Princess, and run with her on the beach. She goes in for many swims to cool down and just enjoy herself. Di and I walk hand in hand, just laughing with our goofy dog and enjoying life. It's good to let go a bit and stop worrying, stop the treatments, the jabs, the blood tests.

The jetty end of the beach. Princess loves her swims

The first walk of the day serves to open up our appetites and we can take the time to make breakfast. Waffles, eggs and ham, bread, brioche and top peanut butter depending on the mood.

It's the simple things. When Di and I worked we never truly took the time for real breakfasts, even less taking them together as we had different working hours and commutes.

Waffles are an important part of a balanced breakfast

As Princess is usually all wet when we get back to the boat from our first walk, we let her dry out on the fore-deck where she can lord over the rest of the marina and take in the smells and sights of her domain.

Princess on her throne

A simple life for all of us, and a healthy one at that.

Slowly things are getting back to normal. We've got our mailbox back so we can receive packages and mail. The shops are a 30 minute walk away and the marine shops are in front of the marina so we've got all the basics covered with short walks. If we want more we simply order from the grocers or from the internet and presto.

Let's not forget the marina's restaurant where we can order take-away food. I mean take-away burger of course. I'll miss my good French croissants soon but for the moment I have a burger deficit that needs to be taken care of.

Once we get ourselves and the boat ready we're going to try and explore our little corner of the world a bit more.

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