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The Door Puzzle

My cabin (often called the guest cabin, although I don't consider myself a guest!) is tight and cozy. I love its nautical atmosphere, and Di refers to it as my "man cave".

One thing that had always bothered me though was the various doors' arrangement. Initially the cabin door opened towards the set of drawers, meaning that you had to close it just to open your sock drawer. I took care of that a long time ago, reversing the main door so it opens the other way.

The door for the washer/dryer was also installed the "wrong" way in my opinion, meaning that to get to the inside of the washing machine you had to go around the open door, open the machine's door the other way around and squeeze yourself between the 2 doors and the small space they left in the cabin.

It also meant that you couldn't open the washing machine and the hanging locker at the same time, something you logically need to do when getting your dry laundry out of the machine.

So I set to switch it around, and I love the result! The cabin feels much bigger because the doors aren't in the way. Circulation and ergonomics are much better, and I can now put a small TV on top of the drawers since the door doesn't swing that way anymore.

Complete success.

Door puzzle solved!

Before: Washing machine door opens against the locker door

After: Locker and machine door open the same way and give a lot more space in the cabin

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