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The Dalles

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

After a short navigation we got to the Dalles early enough to go explore the town.

The marina is small and sadly suffered a major fire on the 03rd July in the permanent docks area. Many boathouses and boats were lost and the few that survived are now on the guest docks side. The guest docks are small and Enfin was by far the largest boat in the marina during our stay. Since we couldn't fit into a normal finger dock, we chose to dock at an end tie. We had electricity (an incredible choice of 30, 50 or even 100 amps) and water. All the comforts of a home marina. We even had decent WiFi from a citywide network.

The city is just across the marina, on the other side of the highway. Unfortunately there isn't an easy and short path for pedestrians. The bridge over the highway doesn't have sidewalks, so we elected to walk the much longer riverfront trail instead. Basically it's walking 3 sides of a long rectangle rather than the short side only. A section of it sits right by the busy and noisy highway so it isn't a pleasant walk at first.

Fire destroyed part of the marina. We're told it started with illegal fireworks on the 03rd July

We walked the 2 main streets downtown. The place has an air of older Americana and offers a number of shops and services covering a wide range of needs.

Good burgers on a terrace

I'd been dreaming of good simple burger while in France, so at the moment we're grabbing all the burgers (and BBQ) we can find!

Pretty soon I'll be missing French food, but for the moment it's good to catch up on US staples.

All tired after the long walk downtown

The long walk included stretching out to check the local shopping center, more as a scouting mission if we need anything on our return downriver than anything else. It made for a long walk for me and it is then that I realize I am still recovering from the tough regimens I went through to fight cancer earlier this year.

We were all tired getting back to the boat, so long hot showers were in order, and Princess "stole" my folded berth to crash out.

A good place overall, and we'll probably stop on the way back. We saw a Salvation Army shop there, which would make things simple for yet another clearing things out iteration. We already started thinking about stuff we carry on board and don't use, so it's time for another cleanup at some point.

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