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The Calendar Model

Last year we submitted a photo to Nordhavn for their annual calendar. They receive hundreds of photos from around the world, many taken using sophisticated cameras or drones.

Ours was taken with a very humble old phone, but still held its ground I thought:

It was taken at Sucia Islands over the Christmas period and remains one of my favorite photos of Enfin. What makes it even more special is that it was Di's first cruise on the boat, and by dodging the weather we were able to have incredible anchorages all to ourselves.

This year's calendar candidate comes thanks to Celia. She took a beautiful photo of Enfin in the early morning in the Columbia river.

It's likely the calendar will feature larger boats in more exotic places, but this photo is a simple and clear proof that good life on a boat doesn't have to mean large boat in far away places. You can achieve the dream in a smaller boat and closer to home.

Fingers crossed we get published in the 2021 calendar.

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