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Stuart to James Island

On our way from Stuart Island to Anacortes to pick up some spares, the brushes for our heat circulating pump, we decided to stop at James Island, only a couple hours out of Anacortes. That way we'd easily arrive in Anacortes Cape Sante marina at check-in time without having to wake up early.

The passage down to James Island was rather fun, with many tight passages, numerous ferries and a fair amount of cruisers. We also enjoyed house shopping: Any house that we can view from the boat on passage has a wonderful water view, so very much what we like. After all we've lived a large proportion of our lives in waterfront homes, and I still count Enfin as a waterfront home too.

Ferries crossing in front of us.

James Island is a beautiful little island, and the whole island is a State Park. There is a dock on the West side and buoys on the west. We were lucky to arrive just in time to grab the last open spot on the dock. Whilst we usually prefer the tranquility of being on our own at a buoy, where we get better privacy, it made sense this time to stay at a dock so we wouldn't have to raise the tender before leaving tomorrow for Anacortes.

The last spot on the dock

There are a few lopping trails on the island, giving all of us a good walk and exercise.

We'll keep James Island in mind as it's not the last time we might need to stop in Anacortes for spares.

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