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Room with a View

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

With waxing crew on the dock and onboard, I decided to finally tackle a long overdue project: Detailing my engine room.

I had planned on this being a winter project, but life decided differently. Last week was a good time to get into it.


The gear box was in need a extra love: On my return from France I had done the regular oil change, but the case itself needed further detailing.


The most important part about keeping a clean engine and engine room is that it makes maintenance and prevention much easier. Any leak can be easily detected before it becomes a problem. Not that Enfin is prone to leaks so far: I have white oil absorbing pads under various strategic spots and they stay oil free. They too will help detecting any change.

Really pleased with the results, and I very much enjoy the view I get from sitting in my engine room!

Since the waxing crew aren't finished their job on deck, I will spend more time in the engine room next week. It's time for a good check and maintenance of all rubber hoses .

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