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Princess Cove to Thetis Island

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

The guides warned us the cove is fairly small, surrounded by rocks and that we'd need to stern tie. We have never stern tied Enfin, and with our tender being on deck -we do not want to do the local thing of towing it behind us- anchoring then taking a line ashore would take some efforts and be rather complex.

Still, we poked our nose in the bay, in the unrealistic hope that maybe there'd be an easy spot somewhere where we could give it a go. Alas, and to no one's surprise on board, mid-July anchorages are too busy to start learning close quarter tricks, so I swang the boat around and we anchored just at the margin of the entrance in 40 feet of water.

Not a lot of room in the cove

All weather forecasts had zero wind and calm seas, so despite the proximity to the rocks and the lack of shelter, I felt comfortable enough in our new spot.

It wasn't to last, as after lunch we had a thunderstorm on the horizon, rumbling away and sucking in strong winds towards it. Within 30 minutes the anchorage was sending me all the messages that it wasn't a long term place, so I decided I wouldn't go on the afternoon walk with Di and Princess.

As they left, I re-positioned the boat a little further out and stood anchor watch awaiting their return. The anchor held steady despite the strong currents and small chop coming up, but nevertheless it wasn't a place I'd get much sleep at night in those conditions.

So, without hesitation and of common accord Di and I decided to move on to our backup plan, Thetis Island.

After a nice and easy passage to Thetis, we found a great spot to anchor a few cables away from the marina. We had decided to stop at Thetis Island Marina to refill one of our propane tank, so went to explore Thetis in the evening for Princess' last walk. We found a very pleasant place...

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