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Prevost Harbor. Last Day in Washington State.

Despite a last minute change of weather forecast to "Small Craft Advisory" we set off for Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island. Stuart Island is very close to the USA / Canada border and I figured it would be an easy jumping point to cross over to Sidney the following morning for an early afternoon arrival.

"Small Craft Advisory" proved completely wrong, and we had calm seas with almost no wind all day. The passage was easy and very pleasant, with the added bonus of seeing a whale on the route. I lost a good hour stopped away from the whale, watching it surface over and over.

Photos never do the life experience justice.

Can you spot the whale?

What about now? Tourist boats in the way, but I also had my turn.

We arrived at Prevost Harbor in time for the afternoon walk, so after anchoring in a very quiet and safe spot, I put the tender in the water and took Princess ashore. The trails on the island are beautiful, with majestic trees and gorgeous views.

Enfin waiting for us. Tomorrow we're off to Sidney.

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