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Poet's Cove

Heated pool over the marina. Tempting!

Just a great place to spend a few days. Excellent walks in the park. Nice resort nearby and plenty of things to do.

A small surprise one evening when I realized after days of holding well, our anchor had somehow started dragging. I suspect our chain grabbed it back while the wind turned. Luckily we realized it in time, so simply moved further away and re-anchored.

Di is learning to use the tender, and both of us are learning to rig the tender anchor to allow for a back and forth system when we beach it. Our tender is a little too heavy to be dragged around on the beach, so by rigging a back and forth system, we can bring it close or keep it further away as we need. Still a work in progress, but things are looking promising.

Looking at the weather and our options around Saturna Island next.

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