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Plumper Cove Marine Park

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Plumper Cove has a number of mooring balls, but unsurprisingly since we'd arrived late on a Friday all were taken. No big deal since we prefer being our own masters and anchoring out anyway. The cove is relatively deep so anchorage is limited to a narrow band where space is limited.

We still found a nice spot in 50 feet of water, and splashed well over 150 feet of chain.

The park is a beautiful little gem, but one that has been discovered by the Vancouver boating crowd, so we found it not as quiet and tranquil as other parks we'd stayed at.

Beautiful park.

With the park's dock close from our anchorage, going ashore was easy, and we explored the various trails, even managing to get lost for a short while on a morning walk, following markers to "the landing" which we thought was the marine park's landing but wasn't. It still made for a fun walk with Princess.

After 2 nights and all the shore excursions to explore the small park, we found the summer crowds were a little too much to our tastes. So with the weather forecast opening up with a 24 hour window of completely calm winds and seas for our last section of the Georgia Strait, we decided to set off the next day.

One of the joys of our "no schedule" approach is that we can just jump on a good weather forecast, decide to go on a whim, or if we prefer, just stay as long as we want.

Anchored further away

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