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Our Own Private Idaho

After a last squirrel chasing session at the park for Princess, we set off to commence our return trip, but not before heading up river one last time to poke our nose into Idaho.


The confluence of the rivers is apparently a great fishing spot and we had dozens of small aluminum fishing boats on the way. Finding a way through them, I took Enfin clearly over the State border, recording it for posterity on our tablet's chart-plotter software.

In and out of Idaho

It's a long way back to the Pacific Ocean but at least we'll have the current with us from now on.

The end of the river road

Whilst we could theoretically go on a little more, there are fixed height bridges within a short distance of where we turned around, making it effectively as high as we can go on the Snake river.

Bridges get lower further up

Enfin made it to Idaho! A fun cruise for sure, and one we'd never anticipated doing when we first bought her. The beauty of Enfin is she can take us anywhere, and while most of the time we mean Tahiti or Hawaii, trans-oceanic destinations, she can also take us up to Lewiston, Idaho.

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1 Comment

Sep 26, 2021

Great trip. Thanks for sharing the adventures! Keep your followers updated on the return trip and continuing adventures. Wishing you the best of health. Warren

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