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Nordhavns Everywhere

Updated: May 5, 2019

On the way and attending NAPS (Nordhavns Around Puget Sound)

I had been lucky to attend the first edition last year -by car only unfortunately- and was absolutely intent on attending this year's edition on board Enfin, with Di and Princess.

We set sail from Hunter Bay lazily after a slow start and a short walk ashore for Princess. There was no reason to hurry up as I wanted slack tide for the beginning of the trip that I had planned through a tight but spectacular passage.

Once in Rosario Strait, my chartplotter screen started filling up with AIS plots of Nordhavns. Soon we were in a small flotilla of 6 Nordhavns, all making our way to Anacortes. It was quite a sight, and we enjoyed doing the last part and arrival into Anacortes channel with R Lil' Ship, a fellow N40.

Cape Sante marina's visitor dock soon filled up with Nordhavns, and by the evening there were 19 boats, from our small N40 to the larger N63. It was quite a sight to behold, but more importantly it meant we had so many friends and welcoming owners to meet, talk to and get to know.

And that's what it looks like.

Gleaming fiberglass and stainless steel, friendly faces and welcoming hugs.

Strangers who become friends instantly around a shared passion and lifestyle.

A huge thank you to Kevin and Alison on Red Rover for organizing the event, as well as a tip of the hat to PAE for helping with Saturday's barbecue.

But more on that soon.

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