Living the dream on a Nordhavn 40

X-Mas at Sucia Islands
X-Mas at Sucia Islands
  • Capt. Eric

Nordhavn friends

Walking on the beach in Montague Harbour park yesterday, I saw 2 familiar Nordhavns in the northern anchorage. I couldn't read the names from that far, but still knew who they were. A quick email confirmed it.

This morning, after our walk, Princess and I made our way via tender to the Northern anchorage, and were greeted by Leo, our friend we met at the recent NAPS event in Anacortes (Nordhavns Around Puget Sound).

Stories and laughs were shared, catching up since we last met, and making plans to meet again "up north"later this summer.

There should be a good number of Nordhavns "up north" later this summer, so I know we'll meet up again.

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