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Mission Remission

That's what I had called my medical treatments when my cancer was first diagnosed.

Well, today was my first blood test after being officially declared in remission in November 2021: I wouldn't say I was worried, but I can't say I didn't think about it. After all, I am still at high risks of relapse, which is why my Doctor is keeping me under close observation with 3 monthly checkups.

The results came fast, within a couple hours of having my blood samples taken and showed all normal, save for low lymphocyte numbers.

My Doctor confirmed there was nothing to worry about, and that people who had their whole immune system reset like me often have low numbers for a long period afterwards. I just have to be careful and continue to be considered immune compromised.

So I'm officially still in remission, and under Doctor's order to continue to "enjoy life!".

That's very much the plan, and Di, Princess and I will continue to have fun on Enfin, go cruising, take long walks and enjoy being together as much as we can.

Cruising the river on a beautiful day. Enjoying life

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