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Lyon's Ferry.

Welcome to the Far West. Although we've been heading mostly East since leaving Portland, the further inland we've gone the more "Far West" looking things have become.

Sunset in the Far West

We had a long day to get to Lyons Ferry, but we've got the routine going. After our long morning walk with Princess, we cast off our little corner of paradise, Fish Hook Park and starting making way up the river.

Princess taking in the new smells

The day went by at our usual slow speed, with only Lower Monumental Lock providing navigation "excitement". The rest of the river was easy, but the views in bright sunshine were gorgeous.

Monumental Rock

You guessed it: Lower Monumental Lock

Somebody somewhere is thinking of attacking that train? I might have seen too many movies!

Arriving at Lyons Ferry Marina

Lyons Ferry Marina was the perfect marina on paper. Large enough, guest docks and electricity said the guides. Reality proved very different and we found a marina with docks in poor state, with no guest docks providing power or water.

We docked on the outside dock that serves as the port's main jetty, the kind of arrangement that only works on a river. Our dock was old and rickety with no amenities whatsoever.

The marina charged us $35 for one night for the privilege, the most we ever paid on this trip and needless to say I wasn't impressed with the value for money proposition.

Unless circumstances force us we will be avoiding this marina on the way down and worse case scenario will simply anchor in the State Park just across the river.

Enfin on a long rickety dock with no power or water

The rest of the marina

The shore side of the marina was better, with a nice little park and a small dog run. The sunset was beautiful as the last rays of suns shone on the surrounding mountains in an ever changing color palette. We enjoyed it from the comfort of our "porch" (the cockpit).

The next morning we had company from a cruise ship

Late at night we heard the unmistakable sound of a large anchor chain being paid out and we woke up the next day to see a river cruise ship anchored in front of the marina. They dispatched zodiacs with passengers to the marina to shuttle them on buses to go see the local attractions, and sent some other passengers to the State Park.

It was good to rest in this far away place, probably a one time memory as we aim for another place on the way back.

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