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Life Goes On

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Looking back at our winter in Salpare reminds me of how much we did on Enfin. Our days seemed similar and peaceful, yet by working almost daily on the boat we got through many items, not forgetting just enjoying various local cruises too.

Cockpit gate finally fully repaired

So here goes in no particular order:

-New water heater

-2 new Furuno GPS units

-New NMEA modulator

-New Generator Auto Start installed

-New battery monitor kit

-New omni directional TV antenna

-New TV network recorders

-New 42" TV in salon

-New computer monitor

-New marine stereo

-Updated RFC compass for autopilot

-Updated all electronic charts Alaska to Mexico range

-Updated tablets and new navigation computer

-Haul out, new bottom paint and zincs

-Deep wash of all carpets, seat covers

-New fan heat exchangers for Hydronic heat

-Full service of Hurricane II heater

-Full service of water maker including new membranes

-New macerator pump

-New fresh water pump

-New shower sump pump and associated hoses

-New head fan motor

-Various rigging update

-Epoxied guest cabin sole

-New carpet and foam, guest cabin

-New galley stove work surface

-New EPIRB batteries

-All usual maintenance and service items (oil changes, oil and fuel filters, greasing, etc.)

-A partridge in a pear tree

But the one I am most happy about is the cockpit gate.

When we bought Enfin, the cockpit gate wasn't closing properly and it was one of the few items I asked be resolved before ownership transfer. The previous owner made good and when I took possession of the boat, the gate was fully functional.

Unfortunately the fix was temporary and hadn't addressed the root cause of the problem, i.e. an aluminum bar inside the gate expanding due to oxidation.

So the problem came back, and last summer with the good warm weather allowing fiberglass work, I started the substantial job of removing the aluminum bar and re-glassing the door to its original shape.

Before I could complete the job I got distracted by cancer, so on my return to Enfin, the gate went back on my "to do" list. Unfortunately the gelcoat work needed done can only be done in clement weather, so I had to wait until recently before I was finally able to complete it.

I used special spray-able gelcoat matching the cockpit's original Arctic White color and over a few days of warm spring weather refinished the gate.

Back in place just in time to go cruising, this gate has a special significance for Di and me: Life goes on after cancer.

Now to go cruising!

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