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Jelina Island and Dood Narrows

This part of Vancouver Island's East Coast being a little short of good anchorages, we made our way down South via Jelina Island.

Sunset at Jelina Island. Fully open to the NW but decent protection from SE

A small island in the middle of the straight it doesn't provide much protection, especially to the NW, but the forecast being for SE winds, it will do.

Nice beach at the head of the bay

The bay is very wide and relatively shallow, so the main beach was a good distance away.

Smaller beach is only accessible at low tide

At low tide we had another smaller beach next to the boat, which made for a change of scenery.

We left Jelina Island mid morning to make our way towards Nanaimo and Dodd Narrows. We had no intention of going to a marina in Nanaimo, having just spent a few days in Comox, so decided to anchor close to the narrows, which would allow us to time our transit.

Enfin in the distance anchored close to Dodd Narrows

Best passage was around 13:30, a very decent time if you ask me, and we raise the anchor about 20 minutes earlier.

We joined a small line of boats, including a tug towing logs, and transited the narrows. Nothing difficult at all, but like many other passages we've done in the region timing is everything. Time it incorrectly and you'll be in 9 knots of currents.

Entering Dodd Narrows

The rest of the day was uneventful, with Princess and crew enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Calm cruising in bright sunshine

We arrived in Montague Harbour Provincial Marine Park just before sunset.

It's a favorite of all onboard: We all have great memories of our first stay there together just over 3 years ago. We'll spend enough time here to make new memories, which Di and I see as a way to tell cancer that it didn't get us, and that we will continue to enjoy life all together on little Enfin.

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