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Happy New Year

Lets make 2022 a great year.

For us that means confirming my complete remission and resuming our cruising, on top of the other more regular wishes.

So to begin the new year in style we decided to go on a cruise and catch up with a group of local cruisers, including our friends Celia and Sean on their beautiful Kadey Krogen.

The cruise starts with a couple of bridges, first the I5 bridge: The I5 is the main highway running down the coast from Canada to California, and the bridge is fixed. It is high and Enfin easily fits under, but we note the air clearance on the lowest side as this allows us to calculate the clearance for the next bridge. The next one, a railway bridge, is 17 feet lower and it often is a tight fit for us with our 30 feet air draft.

At zero gauge, the railway bridge clearance is 39 feet, but the river water is often much higher leaving us a clearance closer to 32 or 33 feet.

I5 bridge is high and tells us how much we'll have for the next one

Not a lot of room to go under. 32 feet clearance leaves us only 2 feet

Going under a bridge with only a couple of feet to spare looks very intimidating, however certain we are of our measurements and calculations.

Any lower than 32 feet clearance and we ask the bridge operator to open it for us. It's not a difficult process, but the bridge being in the middle of the city is fairly busy with trains, so there might be a wait.

The rest of the cruise was uneventful. Back to St Helens, but this time we're going at the city docks, a first for us.

The city docks have paying electricity, which makes life easy, especially since our furnace has decided to act up a bit and flames out a little too often. We have spare parts on order to service it, but in the meantime we can heat the boat using our air conditioning in heat mode.

It is really good to have a choice of heating sources, and I am ever so glad I made having both AC and furnace a big priority when choosing our boat.

That being said I hope to use the AC in cooling mode in a near future, in a nice warm weather marina.

Beautiful blue skies, but of course it's a little nippy

A happy start to the New Year

Di enjoying lunch in the warm pilothouse

I'm starting to know this part of the river well now, and except for the frequent barges and ship traffic, the navigation is easy. Make sure to keep away from the sand bar on the up river side of Sand Island and the rest is good.

Beautiful view. On a clear day you can see Mount Hood, St Helen and Mount Adam

We got to the docks where a friend was already waiting for us and helped us tie our lines ashore. The docking maneuver was slightly tricky with 3 knots of current and an icy and slippery dock, but Di and I know to take our time. Enfin has a large strong propeller and a big articulated rudder to maneuver precisely. Di and I wear headsets so we can communicate by talking in a normal voice. She tells me how far I am from the dock, and we make sure we stay safe.

3 of the 5 boats from the Rendez-Vous

Our friends' beautiful older Kadey Krogen. Celia is on deck

It was great to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Unfortunately with my immune compromised status we couldn't mingle on the various boats as much as we would have liked in pre-Covid times.

I would have loved to visit our neighbor's beautiful Symbol 60, but had to do with a virtual visit instead.

We visited the little town of St Helens and took a few walks. It seems like a charming place, and we'll have to come back in warmer weather during the spring to enjoy it more.

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Capt. Eric
Feb 06, 2022

Hi Tushar Beautiful boat the N475. Enfin has hydronic Hurricane II system with 3 heating zones. The Hurricane furnace heats a liquid loop that in turn heats up the air via 3 air exchangers. Cabins, Pilothouse and Salon. The Hurricane II is a great furnace and system as its a low fuel pressure system. In my opinion it's the Rolls of heaters. Very low fuel consumption, and low 12V usage too. Ideal for long cozy stays in cold anchorages. Additionally the heating loop also has heat exchangers with the engine so when we're cruising engine heat is automatically transferred into the loop to heat the boat. Last we can use the 3 air conditioning unités in reverse mode. It works great, even…


Feb 06, 2022

Hi Eric,

We just got back from visiting Seattle, where we looked at a N475. As we were driving back on I-84 (Seattle,Portland,Boise,Salt Lake City,Flagstaff,Tucson), I thought about your blog and cruising on the Columbia R. Quick question...what kind of heater do you have on Enfin? AC comes with a heat pump which works in reverse cycle. Then do you also have a hydronic system or a diesel blower. If you do have a hydronic system, are you happy with it? Thanks.


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