• Capt. Eric

Happiness is an Ice Cream in the Park

Or the simple joys of life.

Di and I were walking Princess in the Park opposite our marina in Blaine, savoring our delicious locally made ice creams when it hit me. All 3 of us were just enjoying the moment. Princess was sniffing for rabbits and delighting in the smells of the beach. Di and I had big grins, making sure our ice cream cones weren't melting on our hands, watching Princess, and chatting away as we often do.

So in Forrest Gump fashion, I exclaimed: "Happiness is simple. The 3 of us, and a couple ice creams is all we need."

Let's find some rabbits!

Well. In truth, we also need a boat that we call home, and the financial freedom to enjoy it all, ice cream included.

But I'm sure you get the point.

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