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Government Island

Not exactly an end of the world destination from Portland, but a nice one nevertheless. Government Island is a local park only a few miles upriver from our marina. It has the advantage of being a very logical jump point for our cruise, and having long open docks with free moorage. No water or electricity of course, but Enfin has plenty of those.

Plenty of free moorage

Being only a few days away from Labor Day we feared the place would be busy, but we ended up having the outer dock all to ourselves for most of the time. That allowed us to leave Princess on the dock as well as run our generator a few hours at night to top off the batteries.

We respected the quiet hours (generator off at 22:00) but we were so far away from anyone else and Enfin's generator is so quiet with its underwater gas exhaust that there's no way we could have disturbed anyone.

Meanwhile we got to enjoy the boat with full electrical power, making for a completely normal evening.

After a couple of Princess special walks, where she told us about all the rabbits, deers, raccoons she could clearly smell, we got back to the boat and decided it was finally time to mark the occasion: Back on the boat. In remission. We drank to that!

In remission and on vacation. Worth a drink

Sunset, and sharing tiny bottle of Prosecco in the cockpit. Flying the Nordhavn colors. We're limiting alcohol intake as it's a good idea for me and we never know if we have to move the boat).

A last walk for Princess, we watched the international news and went to bed being gently rocked by the passing barges' wakes.

The next morning I found the batteries right about where I'd expect them to be, meaning they probably haven't lost any -or much of- the capacity they had before we left. They're old now, but they are perfectly fine for what we do, so we will keep an eye on them with a view to replacement. So far it is not needed.

A very good start to the cruise.

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