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Goodbye Astoria, Goodbye Columbia River

With the weather window I've been watching seemingly opening as of tonight for a few days, it seems we'll be off and on our way out of the river onto other adventures.

Time for a last goodbye to Astoria and the Columbia River. We certainly enjoyed our stay there, had a number of interesting outings and cruise up and down the river, including going all the way up to Idaho.

Di and I like this place. Living on the water without boat maintenance?

Astoria West basin was our home for a few days. It's a nice and safe place to wait for the weather to cross the bar, with a nice riverfront walk all the way to downtown Astoria.

The town itself is a little quaint, a little touristy and is rather enjoyable. Princess sure enjoyed her long walks and all the fish smells coming from the various boats and fish processing plants.

The marina houses a USCG station where boats returning from Canada can register on the way back. We also got to see the USCG training boats that use the river bar as a heavy weather and surf training grounds. I've always wanted to do that training and almost managed to get myself invited by top USCG brass in a previous life, but somehow due to liabilities issues the plan didn't come to fruition.

We're looking forward to exploring new places and will leave with plenty of memories of places and people from our last couple of years keeping Enfin in the river.

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La Paz

2 commenti

14 apr 2022

Hi from Sal par marina( Steve , Chris , and Captain 🐈 )

Safe journey and we look forward to seeing your adventure!

Mi piace
Capt. Eric
11 mag 2022
Risposta a

Hi Steve. Hi to all at Salpare. We're enjoying the San Juans, and I'm off to France for my checkup soon.

Mi piace
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