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Goodbye and Thanks for All the Fish

It feels like Di, Princess and I are Hitchhiking the Galaxy sometimes. In more earthly terms, we are again on the move and heading back to the boat, since I have been declared in remission under observation.

So as we prepared to leave Lyon for a well deserved vacation on the boat we once again went through the tough part of leaving a place behind: Saying goodbye. Over the last months we'd connected back with old friends and made new ones, often thanks to Princess' diplomatic efforts of getting to know everyone she meets and being a cutie pie.

My best friend Serge, his SO and son came over for a week-end and it was great to catch up with them in a socially distant way.

Serge, Sophie and Temeo. Staying safe.

We also had our friends from Thoirette show up for a great day, and the informal dog owners' group from the nearby park to say our goodbyes to.

Christelle, Seb and kids. Hunkering down in the apartment during rainy spells. All vaccinated, windows wide open. Thanks for being careful!

As often when we leave a place we leave with knowledge of new friendships to maintain, full of new memories, phone numbers and emails to keep in touch with.

Even better, we know some of them will come and pay us a visit on Enfin. Cate for example is a Portlander so we will see her soon when she visits her family. We're looking forward to her swinging by the boat and giving us in person news from the group at large.

Others are already planning and thinking of ways to make it to Enfin. We're ready!

Cate and Ben.

And of course I will be back on a regular basis in Lyon for medical check ups. My next one is already scheduled for November. The Docs are hopeful that this check up will be the one where they can upgrade my condition from "in remission, under observation" to "in complete remission". Though there is little difference from a purely medical standpoint as both require the same regular checks, I'd much rather be declared in complete remission.

Until my return in November we hope to have fun on Enfin, enjoy time off, get her ready to cruise and enjoy a cruise up the river Columbia, maybe all the way up to Idaho. My Doc says I'm in too good a shape to be able to feel or detect cancer should it make a return. So in a way I won't stress about it and will simply wait for my check up.

A huge thanks to all who made our stay in Lyon much better. Big hugs to all the friends, hoping one day once Covid is over we'll be able to hug each and everyone of you in person.

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