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Good-Bye Blaine

The last dinner with friends, the last good-byes, the last rabbits to run after.

Leaving is also part of the life of the traveler. We leave behind so many good people, but will keep them in our minds and hearts.

After almost a year as our home marina, Princess and I left Blaine for Canada where we will reunite with Di in the middle of June. Blaine marina was a good spot for us. Safe, clean and with good people all around. Easy access to mailing services in town and a large city park across the street for Princess to run.

I found Blaine completely by accident, working my way up North as I was phoning marina after marina to ask about berth availability for a 40 foot trawler with live aboard and a dog. As I made my way from Anacortes -3 years waiting list- I asked the same question to each person on the phone: "What marina close to you would you recommend and might have some availability?". 10 mile hop by 10 mile hop, the waiting list seemed to get shorter each time I went a little further North. I ended up talking to Blaine Harbor Boating Center, where a friendly voice confirmed having plenty of slips, and that yes, live aboard and a dog would be no problem. Bingo!

That's when I actually looked at a map to find out where Blaine was, and later drove up there to have a quick look. I'd found our home for the next phase of the plan. Preparing the boat.

So, on Thursday morning, after the usual morning walk and rabbit chasing, we set off across the channel to add 240 gallons of diesel to Enfin's tanks before crossing over to Prevost Harbor for a last night in the US.

Good-bye Blaine.

Hello new adventures.

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