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Enfin is Waiting for Us

Friends and neighbors keep us in regular touch with Enfin, and it's always a pleasure to receive new photos.

There she is, recently washed and still sporting the beautiful wax job Tara did this summer.

Needless to say there were smiles all around on this side of the world, with Di and me being simply happy to see our home in good shape and gently waiting for us.

Latest reports are that all is well inside, except the water maker membranes probably got shot during an auto flush cycle when the chlorine filter got overwhelmed. More on that soon. Luckily it's not a major deal and our high pressure filters were ony 1 year away from needing changed anyway. Since we use our produced water for our daily life I stay on top of the requirements and take change suggestions as rules.

I might even take the occasion to upgrade our water maker from 400 to 600 gallons per day. It's already setup for the upgrade (bigger high pressure pump, etc.) and just needs another high pressure membrane.

We'll be back "soon" and while we're taking every day at a time here, we look forward to that day. Enfin will be there for us.

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