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Dunn Passage

We squeezed in Dunn Passage in bright sunshine, the fog having lifted, and started to make our way through the maze of rocks and islands.

Too tight and shallow for Enfin, so we explore via tender

I slowed Enfin down and squeezed the boat through tight passages, rocks on each side.

Our route through the maze of islands

We were rewarded by a wonderful anchorage, extremely well protected and -no surprise- we were completely alone.

Stay clear of the rock

Tight and getting tighter

Just South of us we had a small inlet, too small for Enfin, with a fresh water creek at its head. It became our landing spot for the tender and our many shore walks with Princess.

Fresh water creek became our shore walk spot

We felt like we'd once again arrived in paradise, so decided to spend a couple of nights.

Another evening in paradise

The amazing thing is that there are still plenty of such places all along the way, and we'll only ever scratch the surface of all there is to see and do in this part of the world.

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