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Desolation Sound Provincial Marine Park

Nordhavn Bay.

A short hop from Squirrel Cove is Desolation Sound Provincial Marina Park.

We had a letter forwarded to Comox marina by our mail handler. It left Texas on the 07th September and is supposed to take 7 to 10 business days, but so far it's been much slower.

If we're going to have to wait somewhere for a letter, this is about as nice as it gets. I decided to anchor in the larger section of the park, noting that the smaller cove whilst being beautiful, would clearly attract a lot of boats with its numerous stern ties.

Getting our exercize in

It turned prophetic as over the days we saw large flotillas of cruisers come in and out of the inner section, while we were left in peace in the larger section, only visited by another Nordhavn, a N63. Any time 2 Nordhavns are in the same anchorage it means you have a new friend! We stopped by with the dinghy and met a real nice couple.

We renamed the bay "Nordhavn Bay" temporarily while the inner bay had a couple dozens boats each night.

Easily accessible island to explore and walk

Our favorite part was that we were close to a small island where we could walk around and let Princess free.

Princess is free!

So we let the days go by, checking our letter's tracking by internet. At first it appeared stuck in a sorting facility, so we asked our mail forwarded to request a follow-up with USPS. That seemed to do the trick and our letter once again started moving in the system towards Comox.

After days of blissfully staying in this little corner of paradise, running the generator in automatic mode, and the water maker as needed, the generator suddenly stopped with no warning.

A quick inspection showed it had stopped on a high temperature alarm. That's what the temperature sensor is for, so I wasn't too concerned, though obviously I needed to find the exact cause of the overheating before restarting the unit.

Working on the generator

Down the engine room I went. The generator is fairly easy access, and all the maintenance points are right there in front of you when you open the sound proofing enclosure.

Checking the whole water cooling line I quickly found the primary filter clogged by jelly fish. Cleaning it, I turned my attention to the generator's water pump. It was fine, but just to be safe I changed the impeller and cleaned all hoses to and from it. "While I'm here" I also changed the belt.

The water was cool for my tastes, but the generator inlet is close by

Last I donned my wet-suit and went under the boat to brush the water inlet and make sure it was clear.

So far so good! The generator is running perfectly and staying at a constant 180f, checked and confirmed by taking a number of laser temperature readings.

Boats have a way of making you work, even in paradise!

Hugs from Princess to get warm

Finally the kind people at Comox marina confirmed our letter has made it. We're off to get it and spend a few days there while we're at it.

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