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Croissant Emergency. Let them Eat Waffles

We moved from Poet's Cove to Saturna Island's Narvaez Bay with a low SCR. Strategic Croissant Reserve. Only 2 croissants left in the freezer, which means our breakfasts are going to be very different the next few days.

We had seen the problem coming, and sought to keep our SCR by buying delicious Pains au Chocolat at the Poet's Cove Cafe, but the last day we arrived too early, before they had brought them in.

So today Di made great waffles. The waffle iron was one of those "keep or give?" items out of the hundreds of items we cleared out of our house when moving on board. I was transferring it to the "give" pile when I read its power specifications and realized it was 700 Watt unit, not a 1,500 Watt one like I had thought. So back in the "keep" pile it went. In hindsight, what a save!

It's a tough life out here.

Passage from Bedwell Island to Saturna was beautiful in calm seas and virtually no wind. We rounded Monarch Point into open Narvaez Bay. I had hoped we could anchor close to shore -charts made it look possible- but found ourselves too close for comfort, so decided to go back out a ways on the 50 feet sounding line. Since the forecast is excellent for the next few days, being exposed to Southerlies shouldn't be a problem.

Being alone in such a beautiful bay is one of the main reason we decided to live our life on a boat.

Enfin in Narvaez Bay

We were greeted on the beach by a very surprised otter. Then, only yards away Princess alerted us to deers, when we saw fawns hiding motionless in the grass while Mum was trying to lure us away. Princess was yipping and yapping in excitement, and showing us how much a Husky can pull.

This morning, we had 3 deers on the beach next to the boat, to more of Princess' excitement.

We drifted towards them on the tender, making as little noise as possible but they don't seem all that concerned by humans since they live in a National Park.

The local trails in the National Park are easy and open, with magnificent views over Echo Bay, Monarch Point and further away the San Juan Islands and Washington State.

Calm seas now and forecast for the next few days

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