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Captain, Follow this Plane!

Transiting Victoria Harbour requires more vigilance than most ports around here. The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) enforces a traffic separation scheme in the harbor with areas for the sea planes, areas for larger ship's transits and lanes for ships less than 20 meters.

There are also speed limits, the middle harbor at 5 knots, and the outer harbor at 7 knots. Since our cruising speed is around 6.3 knots, that one isn't a problem for us.

Stay in your lane and all will be alright.

As we were leaving Victoria after a period of bad weather during a short weather window, we found plenty of other small boats doing the same, mingling with the regular sea plane traffic.

So for a while in the channel, Enfin ended up following a plane. I have to admit it was the first time in my many years at sea, I followed a plane in a channel.

Follow that plane.

Meanwhile, another one is landing next to us.

Once we were out of the harbor, we set a course for Sidney where we had a reservation for 2 nights at Port Sidney Marina, an easy hop away. We'll do our provisioning so we can go out and spend time in the islands.

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