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Boyer Marina

Little Goose Lock was only a few miles away from the marina and as we're now in winter schedule, the operator was happy to get the lock for us on demand.

Since we'd called him well in advance we had almost no wait. We just had to stay put until the operator dispatched someone to open the little bridge before the lock for us.

Waiting on the little bridge to open to get a green light. The lock itself is ready

After the lock we found a slightly different scenery, with more rocky shores in beautiful canyons, precursors of what we'll encounter further up the river.

Princess thinks we should stop here

Rocky canyons

The marina's entrance was tiny and we arrived just before their office closed. A marina worker greeted us and indicated where we should dock, confirming we'd have plenty of water.

The docks were tight, and the spectacle of Enfin doing a tight maneuver between docks to get us Starboard alongside (so we can easily use the cockpit gate) attracted the whole RV Park it felt like. They don't see boats like Enfin too regularly around here, and I made sure my maneuver was spot on so they'd keep a good impression of us.

The marina and adjacent park is a little jewel of green in an otherwise brown valley. Lush grass for Princess, clean amenities, and a US Army Corps of Engineer beach and park nearby make it a very pleasant stop.

We decided to make it a longer stop than originally planned, and spent a couple of nights at a nice (if a little small for us) dock, with 30 Amp electrical power and fresh water connection. All that for a cheaper price than expensive Lyons Ferry the night before.

Best of all, the little hotel at the end of the marina serves food for lunch, and they happily deliver it on board. Boat "Room Service" delivery was a new thing for us, and we both enjoyed wyagu hamburgers from our cockpit. We're ready to do that again!

A small place but Enfin can squeeze in and get electricity and water

Sunset at Boyer marina

The next day was spent relaxing on the boat, walking the nice grounds and river trail, and just enjoying our vacation.

The river trail and nearby Lower Granite lock

RVs bring toys with them too

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