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Beacon Rock State Park and a last hop

A beautiful and peaceful moorage

The park was as wonderful as we'd remembered it, but this time mostly empty which allowed plenty of local animals to come and pay us a visit. We had a few harbor seals, a couple otters, deers and of course Princess' favorite squirrels and rabbits.

Caught in the peacefulness of the park, I got a little tired, as if months of treatment, travel and cruise caught up with me all at once. So we decided to skip St Helens for this time and go on another occasion. It's a short day trip from Salpare marina anyway, so we're sure to go this winter at some point.

Di was real brave and took Princess all the way up Beacon Rock. I stayed behind on the boat as there is no way I have the physical condition yet to follow her on this kind of adventure. I'll get there eventually, but still need time to recover from the harsh treatments I had earlier this year.

Enfin, looking tiny from the top of Beacon Rock

We relaxed for a few days, alternating long walks with Princess in the Park with just enjoying the view from the boat and the cockpit.

Incredible sunsets

Our last hop of the cruise today brought us back to Salpare marina after a 37 day cruise. We probably were too fast in some places and could have done with spending more time overall. But we achieved our objective of taking the boat all the way to Idaho, discovered surprising and beautiful landscapes and places along the way, met new friends and good people, and simply had a great time together.

We're both thinking of coming back up the river this winter, especially since we learned that the Eastern parts of Washington are considered a desert, with very little rain and over 300 days of sunshine a year. That could be a welcome change from Portland's deary winter rain at some point, and another adventure for the crew of Enfin.

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