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Back to Sucia Island

After picking up our package in Anacortes and getting our heating circulation back up online we decided to once again head out to the San Juan Islands.

This time we chose Sucia Island: Not only is it a beautiful place but it has a special significance for us. It was the first cruise Di and I ever did together on Enfin.

I bought Enfin without Di in June 2018, so Di came up to see Princess and me on the boat during her Christmas vacations, 2018. It was her first time seeing her boat, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

We had horrible weather back then, but I managed to squeeze in between cold fronts, anchoring in Sucia Island, first on the South side, then in Fossil Bay. Returning to the island where it all began was a treat for us after the tough years.

We were lucky to have the place mostly to ourselves, and spent days just watching the amazing nature around us, walking Princess on the various trails and simply enjoying a relaxed pace.

Fossil Bay

We had grabbed a buoy not far from the dock, affording us additional privacy (from the non-existent crowd!) and ease of transfer ashore.

Enfin on our mooring buoy

We spent countless hours just watching the otters, and the bald eagles. One morning we had 5 bald eagles fishing right next to us, including 3 juveniles that hadn't developed their distinctive white heads yet.

This is a game of find the eagle in the photo... (On top of the piling)

The boat performed flawlessly. We're now using the AGS (Automatic Generator Start) daily, and I appreciate not having to spend much energy thinking about when to start and stop the generator to best recharge the batteries.

Once the generator starts, we'll often run the water maker to top off our water tanks, and when needed we'll run a washing machine and dryer cycle as well.

It's neat to feel like we're far away from everything, yet manage to continue to live a normal life, without feeling like we're "camping".

I didn't mean to scare him away, but Princess and I needed to get back to the dock and our tender

Princess hasn't noticed the juvenile bald eagle in the tree

We particularly enjoy the combination of mooring buoy for the safety of our boat, a nearby dock for easy and fast transfers ashore and magnificent walking trails on an island State Park.

I suspect it won't be our last stop at Sucia Island, but in the meantime we're off to Reid Harbor on Stuart Island: Not only does it offer the same facilities as Sucia, and we've grown spoiled, but we haven't tried it yet and it will offer good protection from the forecasted SW winds.

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