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A civilized stop with internet we thought. Yet it started a very Alaskan way: Here the marinas are mostly public, and like many, it means that it's on a first come first served basis.

We called the harbor master ahead by VHF as we were nearing the harbor and got basically told that there was likely no room for us, but we were welcome to try our luck and squeeze in somewhere on the outside jetty with no electricity, D or C dock.

Oh: And if we found a spot, to come up to the harbor master's office to pay them.

A tight fit, and our neighbors have already moved a bit for extra space

The first 2 were completely full, with many fishing boats rafted together adding to the cramped surroundings.

Eventually as I checked C dock we found a spot that was just about our size, probably a little smaller.

We gave it a go, and after nosing the bow in, Di confirmed the stern wouldn't fit and would instead hit the boat behind us. A neighbor told me I had about 5 feet still ahead of me, which I had kind of guessed from the pilothouse, so I moved the boat forward a bit.

That created just enough space at the stern to swing it in.

Once we were in our neighbors kindly moved their boats a few feet, so it'll be easier to get out. The best part is that our spot is one of the few with nearby electrical connection so we'll get the full comforts of a marina.

Auke. One of the deepest ports around

Auke port hit the right spot for us though. There is decent phone connection. Not great but good enough for basic internet. Being public it's reasonably priced. There are a couple restaurants with outdoor eating nearby and a small but useful grocery.

We learned later that purse seining was closed for a few days, explaining why all the fishing boats are here rather than out fishing. If we stop on the way back we might want to try the beginning of the week for less crowding?

A well deserved burger

A good spot for a couple of nights.

Great news: We just got a short notice permit to go to Glacier Bay National Park for 3 nights. We'll be heading there soon.

It'll be complicated logistically as Princess is not allowed ashore in the park, but we'll make it work somehow.

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