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78 / 52. The Shower Scene

78 pieces of film. 52 cuts.

That's what Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho's famous shower scene took.

Enfin's shower scene is a lot less dramatic, and required far fewer cuts.

Enfin is a "Mark I", made in the USA boat. Mark IIs that came later were made overseas in China. The Is and IIs are fundamentally the same boats but there are a number of differences and evolutions that came in over the years. Most, if not all, are what I'd call cosmetic.

Di and I are very happy with our US made boat, but we'd noticed with some envy that sometimes during production the shower's wooden lower cabinet was replaced with a plastic (ABS?) one. This made a lot of sense to us, and more so when living full time on board.

The shower is of course in constant use so the wood of the lower cabinet -however good quality teak it is- will invariably attract more dirt, grime and eventually possibly mildew than a plastic one.

The upper cabinet stays dry for the most part and does not create a maintenance issue like the lower.

I'd long been wanting to remedy that, but couldn't find pre-made doors to fit the existing cut-out.

After a cleaning too many, Di and I decided to take a leap and we ordered and made to measure unit.

78 measurements and checks later -it felt that way- I clicked on "Order" and a few days later our new cabinet arrived in the mail. Amazing what we can do nowadays.

The new cabinet door installed. Similar to what the Mark IIs have

Of course nothing is straight on a boat, so the new door didn't fit straight in. Not a surprise, but it was very easy to cut the opening very slightly to square it away to the exact dimensions of the cabinet.

Straightening the opening to fit the new door. 52 cuts

Good quality marine sealant, stainless steel screws and we now have a beautiful new lower cabinet door.

We will find a good use for the old one. Enfin is full of "wasted" space with volumes that are not easily accesible. Maybe we'll be able to install the door to get to one of those voids one day.

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